Bình Dương Province topographic map

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Name: Bình Dương Province topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Bình Dương Province, Vietnam (10.86346 106.32789 11.50159 106.96669)

Average elevation: 38 m

Minimum elevation: -2 m

Maximum elevation: 265 m

Bình Dương province is situated on relatively level terrain, and is crossed by the Saigon, Đồng Nai, and Bé rivers. It also has some hills. Bình Dương can be seen from the Lái Thiêu central church. Although Bình Dương is flat, it is higher than Ho Chi Minh City. Across Bình Dương there are many different topographic regions, including low mountainous terrain with slight undulation, flat plains and alluvial valleys. There are some low mountains, including Châu Thới in Dĩ An and Cậu mountain (also called Lấp Vò) in Dầu Tiếng district and some low hills. Natural effects have created many different types of landform including worn areas, accumulative areas (due to the deposition of corrosive materials in the flow) and some areas that are worn, accumulative and depositional at the same time. This is due to rainfall and the flow affecting the ground, with the effects of wind, temperature, climate, the erosion and collapse due to gravity of the geology. The impact took place over millions of years.

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