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Name: Taunggyi topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Taunggyi, Taunggyi Township, Taunggyi District, South Shan State, Shan State, 06011, Myanmar (20.63079 96.87643 20.95079 97.19643)

Average elevation: 1,149 m

Minimum elevation: 884 m

Maximum elevation: 1,873 m

Taunggyi (Burmese: တောင်ကြီးမြို့; MLCTS: taung kri: mrui. [tàʊɰ̃dʑí mjo̰]; Shan: ဝဵင်းတူၼ်ႈတီး Shan pronunciation: [weŋ˥ ton˧˧˨ ti˥]) is the capital and largest city of Shan State, Myanmar (Burma) and lies on the Thazi-Kyaingtong road at an elevation of 4,712 feet (1,436 m), just north of Shwenyaung and Inle Lake within the Myelat region. Taunggyi is the fifth largest city of Myanmar, and has an estimated population of 380,665 as of 2014. The city is famous for its hot air balloon festival held annually on the full moon day of Tazaungmon.

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