Western Port topographic map

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Name: Western Port topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Western Port, Victoria, 3923, Australia (-38.55089 145.02535 -38.21378 145.55248)

Average elevation: 35 m

Minimum elevation: -1 m

Maximum elevation: 298 m

Formerly a major river drainage system, it was inundated together with Port Phillip by the rising sea in the Holocene period; the Western Port sunkland now forms an extensive tidal bay. The waters of Western Port cover an area of 680 km² of which 270 km² are exposed as mud flats at low tide. The topography of Western Port is dominated by two large islands: French Island and Phillip Island. The coastline, including that of the islands, is some 263 km. The bay and its islands are criss-crossed by seven seismically active fault lines and experiences numerous minor earthquakes every year.

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